The resignation letter

Author : Baljeet randhawa.
Review : The book tells us about the life of the engineers and daily struggles they face. Language of the book is easy and simple to understand. The book is a light read. The storyline is relatable and engaging to read. There were few unexpected twists too. Characters are well developed and few people can even relate with them. The book is kind of motivation for all the people who are not happy with there job. Overall, the book is good and light read.
Recommended : Yes, to college going students.
Rating : 4🌟/5


Dear People, with Love and Care, Your Doctors: Heartfelt Stories about Doctor-Patient Relationship

Author : Dr Debraj Shome, Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker
Review : The book is a collection of 34 chapters filled with real life experiences of doctors. The title is apt for the book and it clearly explains what the book contains. The stories in the book are so moving. The role of doctor not just as a doctor but as a person is also explained. A doctor is a human and mistakes do happen. And when you will read the book, you’ll understand that blaming your doctor is not the right thing to do. Doctors do put all their effort in saving each and every human life. The book fills you with so much emotion and helps you to understand your doctor better. Language of the book is little tough to understand. Few medical terms were used and I think these terms were little difficult for the persons from non – medical background. I loved how each chapter started with a quote. After each stories the facts were provided, which make book quite informative. Narration is lucid. Overall, the book is a good read. It may be slow to read but you are going to love each and every story in the book.
Recommended : Yes
Rating : 4.75🌟

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The Jeera Packer

#Qotd : Do you guys read political thrillers??
Author : Prashant Yadav.
Blurb : The book revolves around a Jeera packer who was once the best sharp shooter in U.P. He is bored with his present job and misses something in his life. His life changes when he meets his old friend. And he decides to return to his old profession for one last time. Read out the book to know more about his last mission and also to know whether he succeeds or not.
Review : The cover of the book gives you the idea what the book is going to be about. Infact, it attracts you the story. The title is totally apt for the story. The blurb of the book makes you want to read the book sooner. The book started at slow pace and first few pages were rather difficult and boring to read. But after that, the book was fast paced and I got engrossed in the book. The storyline is interesting and is a political thriller. The book was entertaining to read. Characters are well developed. Language is simple and easy to understand. The book is full of dark humour and philosophical views. The ending of the book was an unexpected one. Overall, a good, entertaining book.
Recommended : Yes, to all the thriller lovers.
Rating : 3.75🌟

The things we do for love

Author : Raunak Agarwal
Review : The story is told from Rudra’s perspective and revolves around him and Ruhani. Rudra loves Ruhani a lot but she always kept treating him as an option and chooses her best friend, Kabir. It is more of a love triangle kind of story. The storyline of the book is engaging. The cover of the book is beautiful. Title is apt for the story. Language of the book is easy. The characters are easily relatable. Though I felt Ruhani’s character little confusing. The book kept me engaged and I read it in one go. The narration is smooth and medium paced. The book is totally based on present generation love story with Snapchat, blocking etc. It is easily relatable. The book has lots of twists but the ending of the book shocked me. And it left me waiting more for the second book. Overall, a good book and I’m eagerly waiting for the second book. I will recommend this book to everyone esp. To those who love reading romance genre.
Recommended : Yes esp. To romance lovers.
Rating: 4🌟


#Qotd : Are you a poetry lover? Who is your favourite poet?
Author : Deblina Bhattacharya
Review : This book is one of those books which you start reading and you don’t want to finish it. The poems have such a deep impact on your heart. It touches your heart and various issues such as heartbreak, love, fantasia, darkness, pain, loss and healing. The cover of the book is simple yet beautiful. Language of the poems is easy. The writing style of the author is very good. The poem under section “Love” are my personal favourite. The poems under this section are not only dedicated to only lover but also to family and friendship. My favourite poems from this section are “She is The One” and “Friendship”. You can literally feel them. Each and every poem written connects directly to your heart and each section has its own charm. The poems makes you stop and think. Few poems even bring nostalgia. Each poem has ability to evoke emotions in you. Most of the poems lack rhyme. The quotes written before the start of each poem makes the book even more interesting. The author has done very good work and the topics choose by her are related to women, mental health etc. You can feel that some of these poems are written for you and they relate so well to you. My favourite lines from the book are :
“ Each scar on our soul is a reminder of the lessons we learnt.”
“ You don’t need to be fear the monsters lurking under your bed. The only monster you need to be fearful of is the one buried deep within you own self.”
The book is a debut work by the author and kudos to the author for writing such a good book. This book will always be close to my heart. Overall, the book is full of meaningful and emotional poems. I will recommend this book to everyone esp. If you are a poetry lover or an emotional person, give this book a try. I am sure you won’t regret reading it.
Recommended : Yes, to everyone but it is a must for poetry lovers.
Rating : 4.2 🌟/5


Author : K. Vijayakarthikeyan
Review : This book is like a mirror to the reality. The book revolves around an I AS officer named Vikram, who tries to export a corrupt and powerful minister RPR and Vikram life turns upside down. The minister gets Vikram posted in his own district, Laxmipur. And then sudden deaths due to heart attacks begin. And no doctor can detect the cause behind it.
The title is catchy and made me curious to start the book soon. Language of the book is easy, though there were few medical terms used here and there. The storyline is good and it keeps you hooked. It’s a short and gripping read. I completed the book in few hours. Characters are well developed and relatable. Everywhere we see ministers like RPR. I loved Vikram’s character. The scenes between Vikram and Veda were sweet and light. Overall, a good read.
Recommended : Yes, to everyone.
Rating: 4🌟
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Who Stole my Job

Author : Sunil Mishra
Review : The book “Who Stole my Job” is based on reality of today’s corporate life where skills have become a necessity. This book shows the current scenario of the IIT sector. The central character of the book Satvik is middle level manager in an Indian IT company Creative Tech which has been flourishing from past 2 decades. Marshal, the newly appointed American CEO tries to change the company and its culture. He sets target to motivate his employees. But the sky high target don’t get the desired effect and we see the effect it has on company.
The book has shown the impact of digitalisation as well as the politics in the companies on the people. The book shows how people who don’t update themselves with the ever changing technologies suffer most.
The title of the book is eye catching and attracts you the book. The cover of the book is also intriguing and attractive. Language of the book is easy and simple. Characters are well developed. I liked Vikas’s character and his deep understanding over the matters. Book gives detailed information about the corporate sector and people related to this sector should give this book a try. However, in between I felt that book was stretched. But what happens next, kept me hooked till the end.
Recommended : Yes, to all the corporate people and others too.
Rating : 4🌟
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